Helping your employees stayed motivated through a merger

18 September 2017
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Mergers are a common part of modern corporate life but can be very disconcerting for employees. It can be challenging for managers to know how exactly to keep their employees motivated when they don't know the future and may not even be certain of their own future, let alone being able to see what the future holds for their employees. Here are some tips for managers dealing with this situation. 

Keep the lines of communication open

While there may be a lot of uncertainty during the merger it's important to clearly communicate any information as it does become available. Make sure to communicate information with the whole team as soon as it comes in because the rumour mill can run in overdrive when there is uncertainty about the future. It can be useful to have a regular session such as team meeting or email chain to circulate any new information. 

Keep work fun

While a merger can be stressful it is important to keep a fun atmosphere in the workplace. Often you can make small efforts to help things stay more fun at work such as having casual dress days, bringing in lollies to eat and having betting pools on different events such as the local football matches, the winners of acting awards like the BAFTAs or the winners of Wimbledon. It can also be good to show more flexibility to issues around the workplace such as letting people decorate their desks (providing the desks are still safe and are not breaking any fire safety guidelines). 

Call in the experts

In a situation which is very volatile it can be useful to have a expert, such as Paul Rigby - Motivational Speaker for Change, come into give some motivational talks and run workshops. Often there are specific issues that the employees can bring up in the workshops which can be addressed immediately, such as concerns over continuations in benefits or a desire to have a social connection to their co-worker. Motivational speakers can also help employees to see the bigger picture and continue to build their skills and networks during this time so that they have the best chance of career success whether inside of outside of the company. 

If you need some more support in creating a fun atmosphere and ensuring that your employees remain engaged throughout a merger it can be a good idea to get advice from a professional company with experience in running employee engagement programs through challenging times.