How Colour Psychology Can Help Your Personal And Professional Life

14 April 2020
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Colours play a much deeper role in our decisions than many people could understand even a decade or two ago. New research into the field of colour psychology is constantly revealing interesting ways that colour can shape our desires, our mood and even our decisions in very fundamental ways. While the reaction is not as immediate or extreme as, say, a cartoon bull charging everything red they can see, colour still plays a very real role in your decision-making process and harnessing this through colour psychology can help you both personally and professionally. 

Using Colour Psychology At Home

Have you ever felt unnecessarily stressed out or anxious in your own home? Perhaps there is a room you avoid because you just don't like the feeling of it but have never had a good reason as to why. The answer could be that you have a natural aversion to certain colours and this is affecting your home life. That is why using soothing, more neutral tones like blue, purple and pink are such good baselines to rely on for your interior painting. However, there is no one catch fits all when it comes to colour psychology and you should definitely talk to an expert to see if they can help diagnose what colours specifically are helpful to you. Then and only then can you transform your home into a safe and relaxing place to unwind. Don't try and fix this void in your life by moving or buying new appliances as it won't work. Get diagnosed, know what colours suit you going forward and your life will be better for it.

Harnessing Colour Psychology At Work

Just how colours can be used to calm you down at home they can also be used to attract customers to your store, both in-person and online. Advertising has known this for a long time and many of the largest campaigns in history were focused around particular colours that the experts knew would work and ingrain itself into the audience's mind. Getting a colour psychologist to look over your designs, help choose which direction to go in and keep on retainer to ask about new campaigns in the future is vital to a successful business, even a small one. Even if you only have an online store and no physical location a colour psychologist is vital to your success in getting people to click on your site and then making them stay. You should also consider including colour psychology in the design of your products to make them even more visually appealing than they already are.